Microsoft Azure AD B2C

Deliver business value by extending your Azure capabilities with AD B2C.

Most organisations will be familiar with Microsoft Azure –  routinely setting up, deploying and maintaining Azure solutions as part of your IT operations.

When you are building out your organisation’s external identity capabilities, using Azure AD B2C has several benefits:

  • Leverage your existing Azure commitment and only pay for what you use
  • No need to on-board a new platform or supplier
  • Microsoft will handle security risks like denial of service, password spray and brute force attacks, so that you can focus on your core business
  • Integration with almost any modern application or commercial software package
Azure AD B2C

What is Azure AD B2C?

Azure Active Directory (AD) B2C is a white-label consumer identity and access management solution that enables businesses, governments, and other organisations to give their customers access to web and mobile applications. Customers can use their preferred social identity, enterprise identity, or local accounts with a username and password to get single sign on (SSO) access to any application. The entire experience can be branded and customised so that it blends seamlessly with each application.

The power of Azure AD B2C lies in the Identity Experience Framework (IEF). This framework is a powerful orchestration engine which can be used to build almost any authentication, user registration, profile editing, or account recovery service.

Our track-record in Azure AD B2C

We have been working with Microsoft (cloud) since we set-up as a business in 1989, in that time working with Microsoft Product Group (Microsoft’s in-house engineering team) to build-out Microsoft identity capabilities. All team members are encouraged to upskill in Azure competencies – because we know you expect us to be experts in the platform we build on.

Because we train our team as Azure experts and work tirelessly to deliver value for our clients, we’re a recognised partner for:

  • Gold Cloud Platform
  • Gold Application Development
  • Silver Data Analytics
  • Silver Data Centre

Learn more about our Azure AD B2C capabilities

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